Saturday, February 2, 2013

FEBRUARY 2, 2013

It was 16 degrees this morning on the Riverwalk trail, but it didn't seem as cold today as yesterday because the wind wasn't blowing. There were not many people on the trail, and Sadie upset a group of geese in a large field, although we didn't get very close to them. The moon was about 2/3's and made a beautiful background for a cardinal in the top of one tree. We also saw a group of vultures this afternoon as they were resting in the top of some trees near the river. Also, this afternoon a woodpecker visited our birdfeeder but just sat there staring at the feeder. It rested there for nearly 20 minutes before flying away. Sadie had a good run in a field. It was a good day on the Riverwalk trail.

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