Tuesday, February 19, 2013

FEBRUARY 19, 2013

Sadie and I went to the Riverwalk this afternoon and watched a large group of Canada geese floating down the river. We met a man who was traveling through. He was on the trail with his binoculars and looking at the geese. He was traveling from Atlanta to New Market, Virginia and had stopped to get some fresh air and enjoy the scenery. After talking with the gentleman, we saw a few daffodils in full bloom along the trail. As we walked up a hill through the tall grass, Sadie found another baseball (mostly thread with very little leather). I let her run in one of the fields, and she enjoyed the sunny weather as she chased the ball after throwing it into the air. After she had lost interest in the ball, I picked it up and put it in a trash can. As we got back to the car, was saw a couple of graceful turkey vultures gliding over the baseball fields. Though ugly to look at on the ground, they are very graceful in the sky. It was a very good afternoon on the Riverwalk trail where we enjoyed a brief conversation with a traveler and the beauty of nature.

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